MANGO MADNESS with Thiago Campbell of Mango Men Homestead

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Gretchen Schmidt

Editor and Chief of Edible South Florida

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Joining the show today we have Thiago Campbell of Mango Men Homestead, South Florida's mango experts. He's here to talk to us about the excitement and joys of mango season, the yield to expect this year, why we should all be taking advantage of this beautiful time of year, his favorite mango of all time, and some varieties that might surprise you.

Thiago Campbell

Mango Men Homestead


Gretchen Schmidt

Editor and Chief of Edible South Florida


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Hey, beautiful people, I hope everyone is enjoying their week that seemed to just fly by well for me at least. And I hope everyone is still staying sane and making it a point to reach out to their loved ones and check in on them. Because, Lord knows everyone's going through it right now. And sometimes just a simple little check in text can make someone's day. I know it definitely does for me. Okay, so now my long anticipated weekly fermentation update, get excited. So I did do a sourdough bake this week. And as you guys might remember, last week, it was a complete disaster and I was so upset. So the stakes are high this week the pressure was on. So this week, I also made the loaves at my parents house, which they keep, like I said at 81 degrees super hot. So I kept the dough in the refrigerator during both of the proofs for the initial proof and the final proof and just wanted to see what would happen, and they came out beautifully. I was so excited it was for sure my second best outcome, my first being my number one being from two weeks ago that was just like untouchable. But they were delicious. They were perfectly proved. The crust was beautiful and crunchy and a deep dark brown. Super good. So as far as my kombucha I haven't made kombucha in the past two weeks. But this week, I'm going to make some and I'm really excited because I'm going to Homestead this weekend to pick up some tropical fruit that I'm very excited to taste because I haven't tasted all of them. There's some that I've been really just looking forward to trying so I'm in a flavor kombucha with some of that tropical fruit. So I'm really excited about that. I'll let you guys know how that turns out next week. But anyway, as you guys all know by now, or hopefully by now, it's mango season-- the most happiest time of the year. And on today's episode we have Thiago Campbell of Mango Men Homestead joining us and I can't wait to talk all things mangoes with him. I'm so excited to talk to him and just ask him about all the different varieties and about mango season and I want to have him answer all my burning questions about mangoes. So let's get to chatting with Thiago.

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